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Children can often be left behind in a child custody case.  At The Bretzke Law Firm we assist our clients with understanding the law in this complex area.  We work with our clients to approach the situation in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Our attorney personally handles each case. Call:


Bringing clarity to a child custody case

Getting a divorce is scary because your way of life is undergoing a drastic change.

This can especially be true for any children

who are involved.


We offer compassionate legal services to help you get through your divorce.

A divorce doesn't have to

ruin your life

Going through a difficult divorce?

Unfortunately, when you're going through a divorce, things can get messy very quickly.

We can provide you with the legal support you need in both uncontested and contested divorce cases.

Get the spousal support

you deserve

As part of a prenuptial or a divorce  you may be entitled to spousal support.


No matter where you are in the process, we can help. Our attorney personally handles each and every case to help you get the money you need to preserve your way of life.